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Permit Categories for Wetlands, Inland Lakes and Streams, Great Lakes, and Floodplains (michigan.gov) –
Common categories that apply to homeowners include: GP C. Clear Span Bridge, GP G. Culverts and Bridges – Small, GP H. Culverts - Wetland Equalizer, MP 1. Bioengineering Practices for Stabilization of Inland Lake Shorelines, MP 2. Bioengineering Practices for Streams, MP 17. Driveway, MP 46. Riprap Shoreline Protection

Inland Lakes & Streams Protection (michigan.gov) – Includes links to Part 301 regulations

Wetlands (michigan.gov) – Includes links to Part 303 regulations

Are there wetlands on my property? (michigan.gov) – Includes links to the Wetland Identification Program, a list of Wetland consultants, and Pre-application meeting info.

EGLE ordinary high water mark - YouTube – takes you to 6 videos put together by EGLE to help explain/determine the OHWM

Introduction to the Ordinary High Water Mark - #1 - YouTube – first video in the OHWM series

Shoreline Protection (michigan.gov)

EGLE/USACE Joint Permit Application (michigan.gov) – EGLE permit application info

Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership - Home

Michigan's natural resources are carefully managed, so they are here to enjoy for you and future generations. Public land and minerals are managed to generate revenue for parks and waterways. Forests are strategically managed to create fish and wildlife habitat. Wildlife and fish are carefully managed to strike a balance between recreation and conservation. Click the link below for a list of resources you may find helpful if you are a homeowner or a landowner.