Tax and Assessing FAQ

When are taxes due?

Summer taxes are billed July 1 and are due on September 14th. Winter taxes are billed December 1 and are due on February 14th.

What is the fiscal year of the tax bill?
The tax bill itself has no fiscal year. The individual taxing units have their own fiscal years as follows:

  • Washtenaw County: January 1 thru December 31
  • Webster Township: April 1 thru March 31
  • Schools: July 1 thru June 30
  • State Education: October 1 thru September 30
  • For School districts that bill in the summer, the summer bill is for July 1 thru December 31
How are assessed values determined?

The value of the land, plus the well, waste disposal system and all buildings are added together to come up with an estimate of Market Value. The assessed value is set by the Constitution of the State of Michigan at 50% of Market Value.

Does the Township accept credit cards for payment of services or taxes?

Taxes can be paid by credit card through the Tax and Assessing Online lookup page of this website. We cannot accept any credit card payments at the Township Hall

How often are properties assessed?

Properties are assessed every year. Tax day is December 31st. Whatever is on the property on that day is assessed for the following year.

How are land values determined?

Land values are determined through analysis of sales which have taken place in the Township during the past two years.